3 Ways Employers Can Discriminate Against Employees – The Legal Way

The US has come a long way as far as civil rights are concerned. But there are still some surprising ways people can be discriminated against in the workplace – legally. Here are some ways your employer can legally discriminate against you at work.

If You’re Gay

Believe it or not, certain states do not prohibit employers from firing (or not hiring in the first place) people who are gay. In fact, only 20 states and the District of Columbia have laws that prohibit this discrimination. That means in the other states, employers are legally free to fire people just for being gay.

If You’re Overweight

No federal statute exists, that bars discrimination against individuals based on their weight. Only one state – Michigan – has a law that prohibits it. Overweight people who seek justice need to prove that they are not just overweight, but obese. In this case, they may be covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act, a law that protects individuals with disabilities in the workplace. Speak with a labor law specialist in your area if you feel you are being wrongfully discriminated at work.

If You’re a Parent

In the majority of states, it’s legal for an employer to not hire you or to deny promotion based on the fact that you have kids that will demand a lot of your time and attention. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act prohibits employers from discriminating against employees while they are pregnant, and the Family and Medical Leave Act stipulates that many employees get 12 weeks of unpaid leave to tend to a baby. However, after that, you’re mainly on your own.

Considering these scenarios, you’d be well-advised to seek legal advice to see what recourse you have if you believe you are being discriminated against in the workplace.

Cold weather is coming in and so is insulation

Temps hit 40 degrees last night and it’s time to insulate where I didn’t think we needed it. When I woke up with my nose and feet super cold, I decided that it was nearly time to look for extra insulation for around my bedroom windows. This may also turn into not only a home improvement project, but also a decoration or rather redecorating, project as well. I call it an investment.

After I figure out what kind of insulation I want to use for the windows, I’m thinking about different window coverings also. This will then lead to new pillow slips, comforters, and of course sheets, a new blankie and area rugs. I sometimes get a bit carried away and overspend, so I’m going to set a budget for myself and try to stick to it.

I have used the kind of window insulation that is clear plastic and then you take a hair dryer to make the plastic fit tight, but it turned out to be a total disaster. Maybe I was doing it wrong, and of course, it was at that time a new item on the market. Perhaps they have improved that method or I may have gotten more savvy to this sort of thing. Who knows? It might be worth a try, since it’s a must for me to be able to see out windows, or I feel very claustrophobic. At any rate, this is going to be my new project over the next month, besides my October crafts and planning for the Halloween holiday!


Countdown to Halloween

Now that October is here, this whole month my kids and I get ready for Halloween. Because of what started out as a hobby making costumes, it is now much more during this season. A lot of people have been putting in their requests for me to “whip up” their costume ideas and I find myself working under a lot of pressure. I’m glad I can do this since when it comes to my family and what they want to dress as, usually they change their minds a great deal of times, until finally I pick the one idea they come up with and keep mentioning the most.

I’ve also started doing some spooky shopping, as the family call it, along with pouring over internet sites to get goodie ideas and also ideas for decorating. Halloween is my favorite holiday and my daughters and sons seem to have caught the Halloween gene from me also.

Aside from the trick or treat aspect of the night goes, my spirituality makes me remember the real reason of the holiday, and that is to remember those souls who have gone before us. It’s said that our loved ones come back to “visit” us, and I believe this, since I have had some experiences that can not be explained. No, they were not scary experiences, but more like messages that were given and no other explanation is had, except that indeed the spirits were close and quite helpful.

So folks, color me a bit odd but this is what I believe about this wonderful holiday, and I really look forward to All Hallows Eve. I’m even thinking about throwing a party this year. We certainly have the room for it, and it’s been a long time since we’ve had one here. More news about this as the days go by, I’m sure!



The Best Formula for Having Fun at a Night of Theater

Whether you’re a first-time theater goer or a long-time veteran of the performing arts, there’s always something more you can do to ensure you have the best evening at a theater. Reserve tickets on a regular basis, and remember to put the most into each excursion – because you’ll get the most back.

Find the Right Show

The best theaters have a wide variety of theater entertainment. Just because you love the theater doesn’t mean you’ll love every possible performance. Do your research and see what kind of shows your local community theater plans to put on. If you enjoy talent shows, for example, get tickets for singing competitions. If you like comedy, don’t saddle yourself with a dramatic show.

Bring Friends

While there’s nothing wrong with seeing shows alone, you’ll have more fun with a friend or family member – or better yet, a large group. Make an entire day of it. Meet up for dinner, dress in coordinated outfits, and go out after the show to discuss the highlights. Make it a regular thing, something you look forward to every month or even every week.

Even as an audience member, theater is as much about what you put into it as it is what you get out of it. Pan the day right, and you’ll enjoy it even more than you thought possible.