Power outage and a caring daughter

Two days ago, we got hit with one heck of a major ice, snow and rainy sleet storm. We even had thunder and lightening and sometimes it reminded me of the calm before the big cyclone, becasue it would get really still outside, everything would stop, including the wind and then a next bigger wave of nasty weather would hit.

I was home alone when the built up ice on the power lines made the power go out. We have a small generator, enough to light a few lights and run the appliances, but I have no clue how to prime it or turn it on for that matter. It is powered by gasoline, and even if I did know how to do all this, I can lay ten bucks that there is no fuel in the can. I should start taking charge of this stuff and no doubt will after this last storm. I’ll get a hold of my friend Marilyn since she is up on the survival (her own way) stuff.

I however did quite well alone with the two dogs not helping me at all. LOL! At least I saved one of the old cradle type telephones to plug into the house phone line. I guess it’s not run on electricity. At times like that, I’m glad I’m somewhat of a tidy pack rat. My daughter called and asked if I needed anything. One reply…heat just in case the power was out for a few days like during our last ice storm. Then her phone went out, before we could talk anymore.

About 45 minutes after I sort of talked to my daughter, my son in law came to my house with a really awesome heater, fuel and a bunch of scented candles that I KNOW I got for my daughter as a Christmas gift. It was so sweet of her. The next day when we talked, I thanked her for taking care of me, and her reply was, “You’ve always taken care of  me Mama, I’m glad I could take care of you.” When she came over yesterday, I gave her the candles back, since I didn’t have to use them. I had lamp oil and my own supply of candles, but it made my heart happy that I raised such a caring daughter.



Buying instruments online

As it draws closer to Christmas, I have started to realize that I had better get my rear and gear and order that amp from Musicians friend before it is too late. I don’t normally procrastinate, but this year has been more hectic than usual and I am falling behind in my “getting ready for the Holidays” chores. I am loathe to resort to gift cards, but I may just end up doing exactly that if things don’t start to fall into place better!

Pearl Harbor Day

Remember Pearl Harbor
Remember Pearl Harbor

My father was a veteran of World War II, and he was in the Navy, stationed in Hawaii, after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He ended up dying in 1980, of a cancer called multiple myeloma. I always suspected it was caused by toxins he was exposed to during the war, but nobody in my family tried to prove it and claim any compensation for the loss of his life. I think of him often, but especially during Pearl Harbor Day. He never talked much about his days in the service. I understand that is fairly common with veterans.

Pro Tools 11

Shawn sent me the link to the Pro Tools 11 software that he wants to get for Christmas. Apparently this software is available at a discount for students, and this is something he has been wanting ever since he heard about it. I went online to look at it, and I felt that it was still beyond my budget, but I am going to reach out to Jerry and see if he is willing to split the cost with me so Shawn can get it. I hope he says he will split the cost with me!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is Thanksgiving. It has been really calm and peaceful and I have a whole lot to be thankful for. I cooked lots of food for two days and made an awesome Thanksgiving feast for just my own little family – my husband and the three kids that are still at home. The other kids and the grandkids made other plans after all.

They raved about my turkey, which actually I take great pride in knowing how to cook the “Big Bird” exactly right. I have been told that it looks like cutting into a turkey on a TV commercial. It does too, which I am proud of. ;) No fancy Thanksgiving pictures inserted here at this hour, though! I’m so tired, I’d no doubt put in a July 4th pic. But I hope you all had a very blessed Thanksgiving as I had.