Colognes and Perfumes

L'Aramarine Vanilla Eau de Toilette spray bottle

L’Aramarine Vanilla Eau de Toilette spray bottle

For some reason my favorite cologne fragrance tends to have an undertone of vanilla. I’ve read that men are attracted to that scent, as well. Maybe it reminds them of their mothers baking sugar cookies during their childhood! I like to experiment with different brands of cologne that have vanilla in them. Earlier today I saw that there is a l’aromarine Vanille Eau de Toilette spray in a cute retro-design container that I think I’d like to try the next time I am in the market for a new cologne. I wonder how long the fragrance would last – I had read that “Toilette” scents don’t last as long as cologne, and that cologne does not last as long as perfume. I guess I’ll have to buy a bottle to find out for myself!


Time flying (free clip art)

Time flying (free clip art)

I can’t believe how fast the month of November has flown by. I can remember it being summer and 80 degrees out. It feels like it was just yesterday when we were enjoying the nice weather. Now it is the end of the year and I have already seen Christmas lights up. It’s incredible how fast time passes by.

I guess it’s true what people say about the time passing by faster and faster as you get older. As a child it was easy to feel that the school year would never end. As an adult you feel as though the school year ends too fast and then your kids are home all day long for way too long. Life is so funny that way.

Getting What You Deserve; Getting a Second Opinion.

Getting What You Deserve

Getting What You Deserve

When you’re little and you’re lost who are you told to trust, and ask for help? Doctors, Police Men etc.

Is that why, when Doctors or people of superior authority mess up, we’re afraid to mention it?

Just because this person spent a longer going to school than you did, does that mean that your opinion on your own welfare doesn’t count? Of course it doesn’t, but why do we feel like that?


When you bought your wedding dress, you took a whole harem of women related to you in this way and that to ask their opinions. When you bought your first brand-new car completely outright you took your car-savvy friend with you. When you wanted to break up with your long-term partner, you talked it over with your Mother first. When you needed the encouragement to start your own business, you took reassurance from your partner. That’s just the way life works; we very rarely make decisions on our own, even if we think we have.

Why is it, when we ask for second opinions all the time, we’re afraid to second guess professionals? Doctor’s do make mistakes, that’s why we have the word ‘malpractice’ and ‘malpractice lawsuits’.

I once saw the X-ray of a friend who had broken their foot and been told they’d had five screws put in to restructure and support – why then when I looked at the X-ray could I count six very-screw like screws in the foot that should only have five? Someone had made a mistake.

If you’ve been injured in a life-changing way, then there is very little that you can’t have – the utmost compensation at the least. And if your current solicitor isn’t getting that for you – that’s a mistake. Even if you already have a solicitor and you don’t believe they’re doing the best for you, then SOS Claims are the answer. If your solicitor isn’t getting back to you, if they’re too slow, if you don’t get enough compensation, just ask for a second opinion. Solicitors make mistakes and they sometimes give bad advice, that’s why SOS Claims exist – to help you get exactly what you want, on your own terms, from people who speak the legal-lingo.

The folks over at SOS Claims are there for you and they can reassure you with their second opinions as soon as you ask – it’s their job. It can be the scariest thing in the world, to question someone with more authority than you, but if you believe you have something that’s going unnoticed or even swept under the carpet then speak up.

I think it comes from parents saying ‘because I say so’ when we’re younger, we learn not to question things because we’ll be shot down for even thinking that there might be an alternate solution. But then again, when it came down to the serious stuff, our parents were backing us up and fighting our corner to then end, I’m sure.

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween (free clip art)

Happy Halloween (free clip art)

Every once in a while there is a burst of protests from people about celebrating Halloween. I understand their good intentions and their issues with embracing ideas contrary to their own religious beliefs. But in all reality, most kids don’t even think about wican and the origins of the celebrations. The kids just want to dress up in costumes and go collect free candy. The modern tradition may have evolved from more sinister beginnings. But that’s not what it is about for most of us anymore.

I say, let the kids have fun and collect their candy.

Good Luck Linda!

gun (free clip art)

gun (free clip art)

My good friend Linda is taking a concealed carry weapons class today. She has been practicing shooting since late August, when she started having a lot of trouble with an unstable and dangerous neighbor. She has been reluctant her whole life to have anything to do with guns, but her neighbor has really got her worried that he will try to hurt her and her entire family. So she finally “bit the bullet” (pun intended) and started practicing with her husband’s weapons, her father’s weapons, and a friend’s weapon. After she passes the class she will try to decide whether to get a weapon of her own, but she is not in a big rush to do that yet. She’s been showing me the targets she has been shooting at, and she has been doing very well! Everyone I know says that a .22 won’t stop an attacker, and will only “tick” him off (actually they use a different word, but I’m trying to be “G-rated” here.) But if she shoots this well and empties the whole clip, whoever is after her will drop pretty quick! Good Luck Linda!