The Future of Environmental Law


When we are talking about environmental law, we are referring to ‘the body of law that seeks to protect or enhance the environment.’ In the UK the relevant regulatory bodies are:

·         Environment Agency

·         Natural Resources Wales

·         Scottish Environment Protection Agency

·         Department of the Environment in Northern Ireland

·         local authorities

We are also strongly affected by the environmental policy of the European Union. It is said that the body of EU environmental law is made up of over 500 Directives, Regulations, and Decisions. It is quite possibly the most extensive environmental policy of any international organisation.

What areas does EU environmental legislation cover?

As an example of an extensive international environmental policy, it is useful to look at the EU’s legislative summaries for the environment. Not only can we see which areas are covered, but the number of summaries can tell us a little about which of these areas are considered most important. Or, at least, which are the most hotly debated.

·         Air pollution – 30 summaries

·         Civil protection – 14 summaries

·         Environment: cooperation with third countries – 47 summaries

·         General provisions – 35 summaries

·         Noise pollution – 5 summaries

·         Protection of nature and biodiversity – 45 summaries

·         Soil protection – 14 summaries

·         Sustainable development – 26 summaries

·         Tackling climate change – 58 summaries

·         Waste management  – 34 summaries

·         Water protection and management

What does the future hold?

There are two factors to consider when thinking about the future of environmental law.

1.       How regulations and legislation will change, i.e. what adaptations will be made to existing environmental laws, and what new areas of environmental legislation will be required

2.       How the method of legislating will change.

The first aspect is something that we are already seeing, of course, as environmental concerns are being integrated into other areas of law, for example biodiversity and human rights. We are also seeing new areas of scientific development, and increased awareness, which means that regulations need to be developed to ensure that these new developments do not damage the environment, for example biotechnology and nanotechnology.

The second aspect will take longer, and no doubt be less discernible, dues to its less-than-concrete nature. One school of thought is that we will see more legislation that is in line with the idea of Wild Law.

“The concept of Wild Law proposes that we rethink our legal and political systems to stop environmental destruction…A new system of legal thinking and practice springing from Earth Jurisprudence and Community Ecological Governance.”

Whatever happens, it is very likely that we will see an increasing number of solicitors specialising in environmental law. As these numbers increase, you will be able to find more information via the Free Legal Advice Centre.

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Versatility is a good thing

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Easter Sunday

Easter egg hunt (free clip art)
Easter egg hunt (free clip art)

I love this time of the year and I love the fact that Easter falls right in the middle of Spring. I walked out on the front porch this morning and was reminded of all the fond memories of Easter as a child. I don’t know why but one memory in particular came to mind. It was celebrating Easter over at my Grandma’s house after church. She would hide Easter eggs and candy all over the yard for her grandchildren to find. It was always such a great time. I also remember going to church with the whole family. These days things are a little different. We are all grown and living away from home with families of our own. Now my parents hide Easter eggs and candy for the grandchildren. It’s still such a great holiday and so much fun for children.