Start from straw

I was surfing the internet last week looking for some gardening info that wasn’t in one of my books or in the far recesses of my mind, when I came across what is called straw bale gardening. I had never heard of this before, and I stayed up way past my regular bedtime, pouring over every word I read, and photo I saw. It’s really very cool. I had brought in bales of straw from the farm, to put around the front porch of my house for insulation during the winter and I had ten straw bales I had no idea what to do with, except drag way out to the back yard and burn. They were rather soggy, but still all twined up solidly. I of course recruited my husband and sons to help me drag them into the back yard, and as soon as it gets a bit warmer out, I’m going to put them where I want them and start a veggie garden using straw bales. I’m excited about it! Now, if only the weather would warm up enough for me to start gardening.