More tests

I saw my doctor today and after wearing a holter monitor because my heart is making an odd beat, he now wants me to have a stress test done. Not the kind that one walks on a tread mill, but the chemical kind. I’ve had a bad experience with one of those some years ago, and to be honest even the thought of it is scaring the hell out of me. I have to try and not think about it. Hard to do, but necessary. What is next? (deep sigh).

He left the nest

My oldest son who is to graduate in a month, decided to move out yesterday. It came as a total shock. It makes me sad. I know they all leave the nest and venture out on their own, but this situation is a rash move on his part. He apparently is staying with a friend who graduated last year. The house is going to be repossessed and the friend’s mother already moved out. What my son was not thinking about, is the fact that he has no job, he left with only 15.00 to his name and where is he going to go when the house is indeed not in the mother’s name anymore. I know, I know…they have to learn on their own, but he could have stayed here at least until after graduation and he got a job. He doesn’t even have his car, as the tranny went out in our truck and it’s in the shop getting fixed so my husband is driving his car to work and back until tomorrow. I keep worrying about what he is eating, or will eat…and all the other “mom worry’s.” Everything from dental floss to deodorant, and toilet paper, shampoo… costs something. 15.00 isn’t going to last long at all. Mainly I worry about his health. I suppose I have to pull up my big girl pants and accept the fact that he has to learn on his own, but the little mom in me is so very very sad. I just wish he would have been more prepared and had a plan. His room looks so….Empty. Excuse me while I go cry more. 🙁