Happy to Help

Content by Sol Rosales

Several months ago, we received some really great news from our niece. She was all grown up and ready for grad school and she called to inform us she would be moving to our area in Texas. We are very happy to know she would be so close since all of our extended family lived in other regions of the country. After flying into our Texas town, she found a rental home within a couple of days. I was her go-to for all the big questions about getting her home up and running since school preparation was taking over her life. It had been many years since I had set up utilities for our home, I got down to business and spent a lot of time online at and was pleasantly surprised by all that I learned. All the set up went smoothly and I had the big stuff taken care of for her within two days. After all the business was out of the way, I threw together plans for a house warming party.

Insomnia runs in the family

My son is a night owl. Heck, most of my family…from my siblings, to my Mom suffer from insomnia. It’s kind of sad actually. I’m used to it, but sometimes it tends to put a damper on things.

Tonight my oldest son and I can’t sleep. He is a musician and artist, and I have to admit that he does some of his best riffs and music writing in the night. It is like me and my crafts or such. Except I find now that I’m getting older, I don’t stay up as late as I used to. There would be marathon nights where I just couldn’t sleep. Now, I only do that about every few months. And I make the most of it, since it is not worth tossing and turning and in the end feeling totally exhausted for doing so.

I guess my body clock is changing a lot when it comes to time and the amount of sleep I need or don’t need. I also know so many people who are indeed have insomnia. I think that some people can’t handle it. Others, make use of the fact that they can’t sleep and do something creative, instead of fighting it. Heck, even my dog has insomnia. So, apparently it runs in the family.

Teen troubles

I’m having a really hard time with my teenage son. I know I’ve written about this before, but it’s gotten a lot worse since last report.  I remember going through this with my oldest son, but not quite as badly. This one rebels against anything and everything. He also does such, and the only word I can use, is stupid things. This of course gets him in trouble. The kid always gets caught.

With him, the highs are highs and he is a darling… the son I knew and know. But the lows and “bads” as I call them, are basically a full fledged war zone to live on. I know that it will pass, but during my oldest son’s “stage” I was younger and a lot healthier. Dealing with this now, is really stressful for me. Heck, it’s stressful for the whole family.

I know the Big Guy never gives us more than we can handle, and this hopefully all will pass sooner than average. But to be honest, I am not sure I haven’t reached my NOT able to handle point and it’s not passing soon enough.

Mission for tuition

The other day, while talking to a friend  about tuition for school and she recommended that I check into Mission Tuition, which she has done for her son. I’ve been so worried about tuition and also the grants my kids need to go to collage or trade school, that it’s literally consuming our general living. Of course it would any household where parents indeed what their children to continue with school and learn a trade. With the economy the way it is and just the gas prices alone, I’ve been so stressed about how we will find the money to further our children’s education.

I looked over the site and clicked on how it works, then read all the very clear and easy information. It’s pretty cool, and something to think about. It would be a great help if my kids were to qualify, but if not, it still is an awesome thing for people to know about.


Actually I think it is a bit too late to start this for our kids, but the resources page tells a lot about saving for collage for younger children now. I’m going to pass all this on to my oldest daughter for my grand children. Everyone could use all the help they can get now a days, to get a good education for their kids.

Worse cold and flu season

This has got to be the worse cold and flu season I have ever gone through. I think it is because we have had (knock on wood) a very mild winter here. At the middle of last week and into the weekend, we were supposed to get hammered with a mega snow storm. It went around us, mostly. And the snow that did come down, melted really fast.

I’m not complaining about not having the snow. I just hate having a knock me down and out cold and sore throat. My kids have it…down to my oldest son who never gets sick, and now my husband has the running nose, that he called me a “baby” about when I complained of my nose being raw despite of my sworn upon Puffs Plus.

Of course men are babies when they get sick, but can’t tolerate others if someone besides them get ill. Okay, not all men, but my husband is like that. Of course he is out now scouring the stores for relief for his symptoms. Pfffttt… NOW he gets this stuff, after saying he “wouldn’t get sick.” I feel a bout of sneezing coming on. Wonder if I can break my ten in a row this time. SMH,  I’m going to make chicken soup tomorrow. I don’t know why though…we can’t taste anything, let alone smell anything.