Making a site

I’ve been getting tired of Facebook and all the changes it has been making. I’ve wanted a way to keep in touch with my friends, weed out the people who I rarely ever “talk” to and yet still write my small advice paragraphs that people ask me about. My son suggested web hosting. I had never heard of it, and I still am not sure how it works, even though my son tried to explain it to me. Quite frankly, he doesn’t have patience with people who don’t know computer talk and the ins and outs of the things that pertain to the computer. It’s one of his bad quirks, just because he is a “computer geek” and knows just about anything there is to know about them and the various sites available or services that one has an option to use.

I got on my trusty computer and started using it to figure out what it was my son was talking about. It actually was rather slow going for me. I kept plugging away, reading and listening to little videos, then trying to figure out what the heck this was all about. I have to say that sometimes I could just reach up and shake my dear 19 year old, for not explaining thing properly to me. I think sometimes he likes to make me do things on the computer myself, to learn so when he leaves the house, I don’t keep calling him up and asking him to do things for me. It’s an easy out for me, what can I say? LOL! I did come to a familiar word I knew eventually. It had to do with Windows hosting. At least Windows I know, and when I clicked away, I got even more advanced information about what my son was trying to explain.

Clicking more I came onto dedicated server hosting, but that was really out of my price range. I must admit though, this whole web hosting idea comes in a variety of prices and services in case I ever learn what I’m doing enough to pay the money to have my own page.